Maximize your revenues with card payments

Address your customers' needs by offering an optimized card payment journey. SlimPay handles your payments from end-to-end: from subscription to activity monitoring.

Card payments

Turn your prospects into clients

SlimPay helps you simplifying the payment experience:

  • Facilitate the subscription process thanks to a frictionless Checkout
  • Accept many types of cards: Visa, MasterCard, CB, Maestro and Electron
  • Secure your revenues thanks to 3D Secure 2.0 while benefiting from PSD2 exemptions to make your purchasing path easier

Control your revenue

Get paid and keep control over your revenues

  • Address all types of use cases: recurring, pay-as-you-go, installments and one-off
  • Keep hand on your payments and charge your customers according to payment plans thanks to card tokenization
  • Win-back failed SEPA Direct Debit payments with our Card by Link solution


Monitor your activity in real time

With the Dashboard, SlimPay gives you a comprehensive view on your activity for easy monitoring.

  • Follow up on card transactions and subscribers
  • Keep track of your transactions statuses and easily refund your customers, either in full or partially
  • Transfer your funds to your bank account
  • Export all kinds of reports linked to your activity

We power the growth of our clients across all industries

RMC Sport

SlimPay offers an adequate payment mix for RMC Sport’s specific needs. Our full-service solution allows RMC Sport to collect recurring payments through cards and SEPA Direct Debit, including processing and acquiring of payments.

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SlimPay allows you to combine both payment methods to suit your specific needs. This allows an initial card payment before proceeding to direct debit payments (one-time or recurring).


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PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) has defined some exemptions for strong customer authentication as for low value payments below €30. SlimPay is handling them to make your payment experience frictionless and increase your conversion rates.


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SlimPay offers merchants the Dashboard and a web API to monitor the activity and operations linked to card transactions.


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