Choosing a payment option for your membership payments?

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And what if you want to use different types of payments, like one-off and recurring, or sell different types of products? Can you use just one payment system for everything?

Worried about your cash flow?

When it comes to your gym’s financial health, anticipating how much cash you have each month and when you have it is critical.

Either you get paid offline or online, SlimPay offers the right payment mix to collect your customer payments. Additionally, we make those funds available for you the day after the execution day (also known as D+1)*. So you can efficiently manage your cash flow and investments.

*When SlimPay acts as the merchant’s bank account. Otherwise, the availability of the funds is up to the merchant’s acquiring bank.

Too much time spent on admin tasks?

SlimPay is integrated within the biggest fitness software platforms, easing the payment collection and member administration. These solutions help you optimize your memberships, spending less time performing menial tasks and more time on diversifying your revenue streams and strengthening your brand.

Having difficulties acquiring and retaining your customers?

Traditionally, the experience of registering for a fitness club was linked to visiting the location, submitting the papers, signing the contract, paying, etc. This meant that the customer was adapting to you and not the other way around. We believe acquisition and retention are linked to the customer experience.

Nowadays, customers are looking for easy onboarding processes, frictionless and flexible payment experiences and excellent services. SlimPay and its partners offer a wide range options to accommodate to your specific customer needs. Just let us know your business model and we will help you find the right option.

Just remember, SlimPay can help you:  

  • Quickly collect your payments and not break your cash flow;
  • Find the right software solution to manage your activity; and
  • Be customer focus by offering the right payment mix!

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