Full-service solution for your recurring payments

SlimPay handles your payments each step of the way, so you can focus on what matters.

Payment means

Maximize your payments collection with the right payment mix

Whether you have fixed amount recurring payments, a pay-as-you-go business or one-off payments, collect them all with SlimPay through SEPA Direct Debit or Card Payments.


Collect your payments with a frictionless and intuitive experience

Easily onboard your clients with the Checkout signature module, and securely collect your customers’ payment data for immediate or future payments.


Track & monitor your activity on a single interface

Follow and track all your transactions on a single Dashboard, to manage your recurring revenues, to set up payment plans and to export all sorts of reportings.

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With the SlimPay tools and our API, you can easily manage your card payments to create a payment order, perform a search, make changes or carry out cancellations and manage expired cards.


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Once the authorisation has been signed (direct debit mandate), you are able to create a standing order. With the SlimPay tools and our API, you can create payment orders and direct debit plans, perform a search, change or cancel payments and import direct debits.


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