Mutual referral program: duplicate your revenue

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Our priority is to deliver the most valuable solution to our clients. SlimPay and its partners are working hand in hand to address all customers needs. SlimPay is launching the Mutual Referral Program in order to create a win-win situation for SlimPay, its partners and the end-users.

Therefore, we asked our partners: “How can SlimPay help you grow?”

We actually ended up with the same answer: “We want money and potential leads interested in our services.”

All right, we heard you! So, what if we told you that you can have a referral share but also a chance for more leads? 

When joining a mutual referral program, you will get money from the referred leads but you will also be eligible to get referrals from us. 

This is what we consider a real win-win relationship:

  1. On one side, you do not need to dedicate huge efforts, just refer the lead to SlimPay. We are the experts in recurring payments and we will do the work! If the lead becomes a client, you will get rewarded!
  2. On the other side, we are happy to provide potential leads to you! When representatives receive referral introductions from our sales team that they know and trust, their leads goes from ice cold to HOT!

Do not hesitate to partner with us!

Become a partner to get access to our Mutual Referral Program.