SlimPay partners with subscription management platform ProAbono

Published: 7 September 2016
Updated: 6 February 2018

We have said it once, twice, many times in fact: subscription is here! And if merchants haven’t already done so, they need to act quickly to accommodate this trend! Keep reading to discover how SlimPay’s new partnership with ProAbono makes this even easier for merchants.

For a few years now, subscription has completely transformed the way we consume. For goods bought both episodically (computers, skiing equipment, etc.) and regularly (groceries, beauty products, etc.), more and more people now prefer to subscribe, as opposed to outright buy. For example, rather than buying a smartphone every year, consumers have the possibility to rent it, as part of their mobile contract, and then change it according to their wishes and upgrades.

This has led merchants to re-think their payment procedures and propose payment means adapted to recurring purchases and the rental of products/ services. Merchants want to integrate subscription payment solutions, such as SlimPay, as quickly and effortlessly as possible in order to support payment solutions dedicated to online subscription: enter ProAbono.

ProAbono is an online subscription management platform, which enables merchants to easily and cost effectively integrate subscription billing services. The company will now offer its clients SlimPay, which will enable merchants to effortlessly onboard customers and process subscription payments.

Check out the video below to find out more about how this partnership will work or see a demo!


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