SlimPay to Offer Native Salesforce app for Direct Debit Management

Published: 6 June 2016
Updated: 26 October 2017

SlimPay is excited to announce the imminent launch of its Salesforce application, which will enable organisations to collect and manage Direct Debit payments in 34 countries natively within the world’s leading CRM.

For this key strategic project, SlimPay partnered with UK based Payonomy, known for their solid expertise regarding  the integration of Direct Debit payments within Salesforce.

“Payonomy’s knowledge and expertise were key to our decision to create a partnership and have proved crucial in the development of our new Salesforce Application,” Giuseppe Rizzi, Head of Partnerships at SlimPay.

It is no news that there is a growing trend towards centralising the management and visibility of all customer related features and tasks in cloud platforms like Salesforce. Despite being a fundamental aspect of the customer relationship, “payments”, and especially “repeated payments”, appear to be overlooked, and there are still some gaps between Salesforce and payments.

Thanks to the SalesForce app developed by Payonomy, SlimPay makes an important step towards bridging these gaps with its off-the-shelf, integrated solution for direct debit payments.

“Payonomy and SlimPay have a great relationship and in collaboration we have managed to build an application that not only sits inside Salesforce natively but also utilises the processing power of SlimPay’s Direct Debit platform,” Matt Tully, Head of Direct Debit Services for Payonomy.

SlimPay is delighted to bring this solution to the global market and help organisations using Salesforce to streamline Direct Debit payment management.

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