TBS Blue and SlimPay partnership for smooth and secure subscription and membership management

Published: 4 July 2016
Updated: 26 October 2017

Changes in consumer habits have been disrupting the press industry in Europe for several years. Media organisations are reviewing their business models in order adapt to the underlying trends that affect information consumption: Internet, pay-as-you-go, mobile…

TBS Blue is specialised in the management of subscriptions and memberships for the press (national and regional press, magazines, trade union federations, associations, services). With over 600 clients and more than fifty employees, the company is one of France’s major players within the industry. Their “Aboweb” solution was specifically designed to boost and manage subscriptions in the press sector and also all types of memberships.

Thus, it was a logical decision for SlimPay to join forces with press subscription specialist TBS Blue in order to share our payment expertise. With SlimPay, Aboweb customers can activate their direct in a few clicks without leaving the website. SlimPay will also prepare transactions and collect the funds. This creates a frictionless journey for end customers, and an effortless and secure route to collecting payments for businesses.

For more information on TBS Blue, please visit their website. You can read more about their AboWeb offer here.

If you are a press organisation and want to improve your subscription management, please contact us! You can discover more “Checkout”, SlimPay’s new interface for subscription payments here

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