This is a Payment world!

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We have always lived in a payment world.

Hundred thousand years ago, human beings were interacting with each other by exchanging things: wine against wheat, wheat against meat, meat against stones… they bartered! Soon, bartering became a constraint. Something else had to be invented!

We, then, made an extraordinary invention, what may likely be humanity’s greatest-ever invention. We invented money. Money is whatever people, whatever men wish to use as an exchange value.

To begin with, money was shells or grains of wheat, then we switched up to coins and notes.

At each step of the way of evolution, humans relied on new types of money to go even further.

Today, we still live in a payment world…. but in a whole new way!

Today only 10% of payment exchanges are made by cash, the rest is all done through electronic payment methods.

Payment is at the crossroads: more than 12 000 Fintechs have already been created taking innovation to the next level every day. And the future is extremely promising…

Two revolutions are in progress. On one hand, the sharing economy, that is transforming the relationship to objects. And, on the other hand the dematerialization! Our society is expected to become “cashless” before 2050, with the disappearance of the act of paying from our daily lives.

The disappearance of the deed of payment transforms the economic relations and induces new behaviours, new expectations. Money disappears in favor of pure customer experience.