We just raised €15M. What’s next?

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Today we are proud to announce that SlimPay has just raised €15M from a single investor: Prime Ventures. Headquartered in Amsterdam, PRIME VENTURES was a historic investor in Global Collect, acquired by Ingenico Group last year. We are happy to welcome at our board Sake Bosch, founder and managing partner at Prime Ventures and  Ron Vollebregt, co-founder and former COO of Global Collect.

This funding represents a major milestone for SlimPay. Thanks to the commitment of our customers our growth last year enabled us to demonstrate that we address an important pain point both for Internet subscription companies as well as blue-chip companies.  We also managed to process €2.4bn and reach profitability with the incredible dedication of the whole SlimPay’s team. Now that the market acknowledges us as a local leader in France, it’s the time to go beyond frontiers and make our vision happen for real.Because we know that there is an irremediable change of consumption habits towards subscription economy; because we take it for a fact that Payment is the 5th “P” of the marketing mix; because the Europe of payments is already on track – we are building the leading European recurring payment gateway for subscription and repeat purchase.

It’s time for us to accelerate on that vision. With the help of Prime Ventures and this new funding, we are going to continue to make SEPA Direct Payments easier to integrate, more secure, more transparent in the customer journey. We’ll continue to combine it with other payment methods to cover a full range of use cases.

We will also double down on quality of service and customer success, which is key on our path for global growth.

We have embarked on a fascinating journey, a European one, and this is just the beginning.

Thanks for your trust and confidence.

Jerome Traisnel

PS: we are HIRING!