What’s in your phone?

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How Mobile Applications have changed our everyday life

The relevance of mobile phones in our everyday life and activities is undoubtedly unending. 

Today, the increasing progress of mobile technology, the access to high speed internet and the availability of mobile apps is increasing and that is noticeable changing the way humans feel and experience their phones. Whilst before it was necessary to use the computer to access the internet, and read your email or just search for information online, now all this is made easier and available at your fingertips on your mobile devices. Imagine buying a train or flight ticket on the go, or not needing to queue at the bank to make a transfer… all this is made available thank to the development of mobile apps!

Most of these mobile apps are created following a subscription-based model. Indeed, subscription-based apps tend to have higher revenue per user than apps with other business models. More and more users decide to pay monthly fees to get a complete service by choosing from different types of subscriptions based on their needs. A VisionMobile study showed that subscription-based apps earned up to 2-3 times more per user than apps that rely on advertising or a pay-to-download model.

Communication Apps

In terms of Communication, there are tons of apps such as Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and so forth, for a better and easier communication with family and friends. Here is  the example of Florida, who uses different types of communication Apps to stay connected with family and friends while living abroad!

Transportation Apps

In terms of Transportation, Sabatino shares his experience with Transportation Apps while travelling between Italy and France.

Shopping Apps

Larisa loves shopping and having all her favourite Shopping apps on her mobile helps her saving time and also manage her budget!