Onboard your clients & collect your payments on a single interface

  • Digitize your onboarding process with the electronic signature available for SEPA mandates and documents.
  • Accept payments for your recurring revenues through SEPA Direct Debit & Card payments.
SlimPay checkout mobile Deezer
SlimPay API

Offer the best payment journey

  • Multi payment means: SEPA Direct Debit & Card Payments.
  • Responsive design to adapt to all devices.
  • Multi-channel: web, mobile, call center, etc.
  • Multi-language: French, English, German, Spanish, Italian & Dutch.

Secure your revenues

  • Filtering of IBANs
  • 3-D Secure authentication for card payments
  • Electronic SEPA mandate signature
SlimPay checkout mobile Deezer
SlimPay API

Easy to integrate.
Simple to use.

SlimPay’s Checkout can be natively integrated on any website or mobile application within few lines of code thanks to our API.


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"Modern, secure, digitized, the collection is proving to be a key element in the subscription tunnel to offer our customers a fluid and easy-to-use service. It fits perfectly into Randstad Direct’s promise of 100% digital and transparent recruitment. SMEs are now more inclined to resort to interim to support them in their business"

Kaëlig Sadaune

General Manager at Randstad Direct


What are the different Checkout integration types?

The SlimPay Checkout is a dedicated interface that allows clients to enter their bank details and to sign a direct debit mandate or a document. It can be integrated on the merchant site in three ways: Pop-in, Redirection and iFrame.

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How does the SlimPay electronic signature module work?

SlimPay's electronic signature module offers a 100% virtual method for signing direct debit mandates and documents such as contracts.

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