Offer a frictionless and intuitive payment experience

The SlimPay Checkout is a fast and secure way to accept your online payments in an easy-to-use interface for any device.

Enrol customers and accept online payments

  • Streamline your onboarding process with digital mandates and e-signatures
  • Integrate document e-signature into the same payment journey
  • Collect one-off and recurring payments via SlimCollect and Direct Debit

Offer the best payment journey

  • Responsive design to adapt to all devices
  • Multi-channel (web, mobile, call center, etc.) and multilingual (10+)
  • Sign mandates asynchronously with Sign by Link

Secure your revenue

  • IBAN filtering to check for fraudulent numbers
  • SlimCollect Verify path to obtain a verified mandate from the customer’s bank
  • Strong authentication for added security

Start now

We’d love to hear from you and learn how SlimPay can help you collect recurring and one-off payments.

Easy to integrate. Simple to use.

SlimPay’s Checkout can be natively integrated on any website or mobile application with just a few lines of code, thanks to our API.