Make smart business decisions

Track and monitor your activity on one interface, the Dashboard, allowing you to get a real-time view on your transactions and subscriptions data.


Get a consolidated view on a unique interface

  • Get a real time view on your signed mandates and documents
  • Track all your transactions, request payments and issue refunds
  • See all subscriber activity and use filters to find information quickly


Master your daily operations

  • Initiate & manage all your payment plans
  • Generate, get signatures and archive your mandates
  • Follow-up the payment incidents and retry failed SEPA Direct Debit transactions directly on the Dashboard
  • Manage your fund transfers and reimbursements
  • Export all kinds of reports


Get familiar with the Dashboard

What does it look like?
Check our Youtube channel and discover all its functionalities.


Go further with our technical integrations

From online document verifications to CRM synchronization to payment reconciliation,
take benefit from our partnerships to optimize your payment flows.

We power the growth of our clients across all industries


To simplify the user experience of their clients, Randstad turned to SlimPay for our fully digitalised payment solution, which enables you to electronically sign a SEPA mandate. Payments have been secured, payment deadlines have been reduced and the entire process of paying bills has been streamlined.

RMC Sport

SlimPay offers an adequate payment mix for RMC Sport’s specific needs. Our full-service solution allows RMC Sport to collect recurring payments through cards and SEPA Direct Debit, including processing and acquiring of payments.

OVO Energy

SlimPay partners with OVO Energy on all of their transactions in France, with an offer that includes a 100% digital subscription and payment model. Thanks to SlimPay’s electronic signature module, OVO Energy can offer their customers a smoother experience: New customers can sign the terms & conditions, contract and Direct Debit mandate electronically.

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What is the purpose of the pay table – the SlimPay Dashboard?

The pay time Dashboard offers a user interface that lets you manage and configure your SlimPay merchant account. You can use it to manage payments and refunds (cards and collections), manage recurring payments, obtain transaction reports, etc.

Several members of a team can access the same Dashboard, with rights depending on their profile (Supervisor, Operator, Read-only, etc.). There are several ways to connect to the Dashboard: via an interface (web app), API or flat file.

Track all your customer payments from a single site.
A complete solution for automating customer collections seamlessly and efficiently.

The Dashboard lets you track payments and automatic collections for your company. The Dashboard is a complete solution for automating customer collections seamlessly and efficiently. You can define a payment timetable and track customer payments throughout their life cycle.

With a dedicated account manager you can easily learn how to make a payment plan, manage SEPA collections and card, recover funds and much more.

The Dashboard not only shows payments – it includes any document relating to your customers. In the Documents section you can store your mandates, contracts and other documents important to your company. SlimPay provides you with document templates but you can also create, import and download personalised templates according to your own usage.

Easy and automated reporting

As a merchant you cannot do without a reporting tool. The SlimPay Dashboard enables you to create personalised reports in CSV format in a few clicks. You can carry out SEPA management of all your debits, as well as card management of your account over a set period. To automate your work, a file can also be generated automatically depending on your preferences.

Searches become child’s play

Lastly, to find a customer, document, payment, reference or anything else, you need only type into your search bar. The beauty of the Dashboard is that everything is connected: by clicking on a customer, you view all their payments, mandates and so on, organised by date. In the Timetable column, you can view the collection tables you have created, with a reference, date and other key information. This means it is very easy to find the information you need, fast. You have an overview of your entire activity at all times.


SlimPay clients can access the Dashboard management tool to manage all of your activity: payment authorisations (mandate and card alias), payments (direct debit, refund etc.), accounts report and balance.


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The Dashboard provides a real-time view of every section and you can filter this view by status to track your payment orders, authorisations, payments and payment plans.


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