Maximize your payments collection

Accept payments by card and SEPA Direct Debit to fit with your activity needs and meet your customers’ paying habits.

Payment mix

Offer the most adapted payment mix for your activity

Direct Debits and Card payments are complementary payment means for recurring-based businesses that will enable you to:

  • Reduce churn and increase the conversion rate
  • Increase your customer satisfaction
  • Secure your revenues

Payment scenarios

Address different payment scenarios

Whether you are offering a subscription with a fixed amount, a pay-as-you-go model, enabling your customers to pay high amounts in installments, SlimPay takes cares of processing and acquiring your payments.

Control your revenue

Keep control over your revenues

  • Get a mandate signature or generate a card alias to create payment orders later through a payment plan or individual payments.
  • Easily manage your failed payments thanks to the Automatic Retry to recover them.

Boulanger Location

“SlimPay’s payment solution enables us to combine SEPA Direct Debit and credit card payments. This is a perfect fit to secure goods delivery and recurring rental payments.”

CFO - Boulanger Location

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You can use the SlimPay tools and API to perform a range of actions to manage your direct debit mandates, such as create a mandate, search for or obtain a report, cancel a mandate and change a client’s bank details.


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A card alias (or create card tokens) is used as an identifier for a bank card number and its expiry date. It is linked to a single creditor. You can track the status of every card alias and create payments for it on the SlimPay Dashboard.


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If the codes RET or REJ appear on your report or as payment statuses, it means that these SEPA direct debit transactions have been rejected or refused. The transactions are called R-Transactions. Depending on the R-Transaction code, SlimPay allows you to replay some failed payments, either manually or automatically, using Automatic Retry.


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