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A subsidiary of France’s national train work SNCF, iDTGV was launched in 2014. The company offers a service which is 100% online, from reserving tickets to printing them. The company launched iDTGVMax in January 2015. The offer gives users unlimited travel on all iDTGV train journeys for one year for a set monthly tariff of €64,99. Anticipating the popularity of their offer, iDTGV looked for a payment solution to quickly onboard a large number of customers in a short period of time and to process recurring monthly payments.


The company required a payment solution to quickly and easily onboard a large number of customers in a short period of time, and to simply process recurring monthly payments.


  • 10,000 suscriptions within 24 hours
  • 10,000 mandates signed 100% online within 24 hours
  • 600K € MRR generated via SlimPay’s direct debit solution in 24 hours

How does it work?

SlimPay manages the entire payment process for the iDTGVMax offer, from on-boarding customers to processing and acquiring payments, and managing r transactions. With SlimPay a customer authorises a direct debit by electronically signing a mandate through communicating a 4-digit code received via text message. The code can be communicated via a number of channels: Company website, face to face and telephone. iDTGV’s customers sign mandates by communicating the code via the company’s website.

STEP 1 – Customer enters details and IBAN number online
STEP 2 – SlimPay verifies IBAN and performs a risk assessment in real-time
STEP 3 – Customer authorises direct debit by electronically signing a mandate by entering a 4 digit code, received via text message, on the company website
STEP 4 – iDTGV sends SlimPay the payment schedule
STEP 5 – SlimPay prepares and executes the transactions, and manages R-transactions
STEP 6 – iDTGV keeps track of all payments via the SlimPay’s back office

Company snapshot

  • Subsidiary of SNCF France’s national train network
  • Sells train tickets 100% online
  • Covers over 30 destinations in France