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iRaiser is a software editor for NGOs and the European leader for the collection of voluntary funds. The company works with over 200 organisations throughout Europe including Les Restos des Coeurs, UNICEF and Médecins Sans Frontières.

How iRaiser transformed one off contributions into regular donations

A major challenge for all organisations is to transform one time donations into regular donations. Once an NGO has secured regular donations, they must carefully consider their donation collection method. It is possible to make regular donations with a bankcard. However, the average card’s lifetime is 2 years, and as most people fail to update their bank information, this method can pose a threat to the customer lifetime value. iRaiser proposes SlimPay as a payment solution to the organisations it works with so that they can take online payments by direct debit. Online payment by direct debit overcomes issues such as bank card expiry dates and payment platforms, and has lower transaction processing costs.

In order to authorise a direct debit, customers must sign a valid mandate. SlimPay enables customers to electronically sign mandates through communicating a one time password, received by SMS. The password can be communicated via telephone, on the company’s website or face to face. This process is legally binding. The signed mandate is stored by SlimPay and can be view at any time by the merchant and be used as evidence in a legal dispute. SlimPay’s electronic signature technology means that organisations can frictionlessly onboard regular donors.

iRaiser offers the SlimPay solution to the organisations it works with to enable them to increase donations for the benefit of their causes. Currently over 20 of the organisations working with iRaiser have chosen SlimPay to take online payments by direct debit. iRaiser has been working with SlimPay for just over a year now and estimates to have collected €1,2 million in online payments by direct debit.

Find out more in our video interview with iRaiser’s co-founder and director, Antoine Martel. More information can be found on iRaiser’s activity on the company’s website.