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How efficiently collects subscription plans and increases its Customer Lifetime Value with Direct Debit

Most customers fail to update their card details and customer churn due to expired bank details was a major problem for Relay. The company chose SlimPay’s solution based on direct debit payments to as a recurring payment method for its subscribers. Direct debit payments mean that customers do not have to worry about card details expiring or card limits. For merchants, direct debit payments increase loyalty and the lifetime value of their customers. Direct debit payments are just as convenient as bankcard payments, they require no intermediary and they have a lower processing cost than a bank card.

“SlimPay is THE solution to guarantee maximum loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.”
Guillaume Bordeau,’s Project Director

The company chose SlimPay after consulting various offers in the sector. SlimPay was the most appropriate solution for their needs, with regards to both their technical requirements and their business model, as well as how easy it was to integrate, which was the main reason for their choice. Integrating SlimPay into their system was simple and straightforward.

With regards to SlimPay’s pricing, we work with companies of all sizes, from startups to established, international companies. Pricing plans are adapted based on the companies’ requirements, find out more about SlimPay’s pricing plans here.

The company recommends SlimPay for its easy integration, its simplicity as a payment method for customers and its ability to increase average customer lifetime value.
Guillaume Bordeau is‘s Project Director. He is responsible for all technical aspects of the platform, including payment methods. Discover more about why chose SlimPay’s payment solution.