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Solocal helps brands engage consumers along their customer journey and convert them into clients through a suite of digital marketing solutions. The company provides detailed information on local services. SoLocal Group is among the leading european players regarding the percentage of revenues generated on the Internet, which was €640 millions in 2015, 73% of its consolidated revenues. SlimPay’s omnichannel document signing solution enables Solocal’s customers to easily authorise direct debit payments to pay for the company’s services. Solocal’s customers can also take advantage of SlimPay’s electronic signature service to sign purchase orders.


Solocal required an paperless and omnichannel document signing solution for signing both mandates and purchase orders.


Thanks to SlimPay’s electronic signature technology, Solocal can onboard customers 100% online and its customers can effortlessly sign purchase orders.

How Solocal uses SlimPay’s omnichannel documents signing solution?

Solocal’s customers sign e-mandates in order to authorise direct debit payments via communicating a 4 digit one time password received via text message on a number of channels. The customers can communicate the code via the company website, face to face or telephone.

SlimPay’s Services

  • SlimPay safely stores the legally binding mandate
  • SlimPay is fully integrated with Solocal’s CRM-ERP
  • SlimPay’s mandate signature page is customised to Solocal’s graphic layout

For more information on Solocal and its service please consult the company’s website.

Company snapshot

  • European Leader in online advertising
  • 873 M€ turnover in 2015
  • 530 000 advertisers