A digital subscription path for a large-scale customer acquisition

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From telecom to energy

Operator in telecommunications for almost 20 years, Budget Telecom decided in 2014 to diversify and replicate its strategy of conquering the telecom market in the energy sector.

Indeed, in recent years, the energy market has undergone major changes in terms of regulation and is becoming liberalized with the support of public authorities opening the door to new players. Budget Telecom decides to quickly position itself and begins its transition into the energy sector.

It is 2017 when Budget Telecom launches its first commercial offers under the brand Mint Energie, the new startup of the group. Mint Energie is positioned as a supplier of environmentally friendly electricity, as green and renewable energy.

A large-scale customer acquisition

« In the supply of energy, this is where things are going now » said Kaled Zourray, founder of Mint Energie, who wants to acquire as many customers as possible in the upcoming months and accelerate the transition.

Since then, Mint Energie has registered the arrival of nearly 20,000 new customers over the last 9 months of the 2017 fiscal year and plans for this year 2018 to reach 50,000 customers and a turnover of 25 million euros, an increase of more than 700% compared to 2017, with at least 100,000 subscribers by 2020.

Suitable for recurring payments, SEPA direct debit is based on a valid mandate, signed by the debtor to give consent for payment on a bank account. However, the paper mandate brings low results and high management costs.

Regarding this large-scale customer acquisition, Mint Energie wanted to rethink and optimize its online subscription process by integrating the electronic signature of mandates directly into the ordering tunnel on the website.

 A digitalized and automated subscription program

« Asking our clients to return paper mandates is no longer conceivable from a user experience point of view, and from an internal process point of view the management of mandates was complex and time-consuming. The manual processing of SEPA mandates needed to be outsourced and completely digitalized », explains José Caballero, General Manager Director at Budget Telecom.

« In addition, this presents a real risk of losing customers who forget, for example, to return the signed mandate ».

In a sector that has become very competitive, where traditional players still own significant market shares, the acquisition of new customers and the online conversion rate is essential, each step must be optimized and centered around consumers.

SlimPay offers an innovative solution, in SaaS mode, which allows the implementation of dematerialized electronic signature and timestamping of documents constituting the contract. A robust solution that offers the guarantee of perfect regulatory compliance in the management of electronic signature in the online or telephone ordering tunnel.

Receipt of mandates, entry of information into the CRM, scan of mandates, revival clients etc … the subscription path is now fully digitalized, automated and integrated in the chain of collection, and signing the mandate to payment. This allows for better cash management and increased productivity.

Communication campaigns aimed at people who are aware of eco-consumption are coming soon, what is better than a paperless user experience for a new player in the energy transition!