Asset Management MIKRO KAPITAL – Speeding up investments’ activation through digital mandate signature

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About Mikro Kapital

Mikro Kapital is an asset management company with a particular attention on emerging countries. Its mission is to target economic growth in the countries it operates by ensuring financial flows to niche markets considered safe and profitable, through two main funds:

  1. Mikro Fund invests in loans to small and medium-sized enterprises in Russia and Belarus;
  2. Alternative Fund looks to allocate resources in Europe and CSI Countries( Romania, Moldova, Armenia) and in Emerging Countries East Asia and Central America.

Entering a new market requires new strategies

Known to operate in Russia, CIS (Community of Independent States), South-East Asia and South America, Mikro Kapital debuts on the Italian market in February 2017 with the objective of supporting Micro small medium enterprises in their growth, until they become “bankable”!

Among the challenges that the society has faced in Italy, there is the promotion of the culture of micro-credit, microfinance and debt default.

“ In order to operate in this sector in Italy, we needed to demonstrate to our entrepreneurs the seriousness, easiness and speed of the process. The struggle for an asset management company is often to guarantee operational efficiency. Therefore, we wanted to offer a complete mandate solution to our clients, both analog and digital ”, stated Stefano Guerra, General Manager at Mikro Kapital.

To meet these needs and grant operational efficiency to their clients, after an in-depth analysis, comparing traditional payment providers such as banks with more innovative fintechs, Mikro Kapital has decided to rely on a Fintech such as SlimPay due to its full-stack solution and for its competitive price, but also thanks to a “particular attention to the technological and digital aspects that only a platform like SlimPay can offer”.

Mikro Kapital has started to work with SlimPay since July 2017 for the implementation of SEPA direct debit mandate, to collect payment plans.

A digital signature to speed up the investment process  

Today, Mikro Kapital offers a digital mandate signature which in one single click from the client’s smartphone confirms the connection to his bank account, leading to the activation of the mandate. Mikro Kapital started the digitalisation of mandate signature with a selected number of clients with the aim to expand the use of e-mandate to all their current and future clients.

Deciding to integrate SlimPay’s solution has been strategic to drastically reduce the timing of connecting to the bank account of customers”, Stefano Guerra, General Manager.

After this great experience of time-saving for the micro-credit product, Mikro Kapital has decided to keep using the SlimPay solution also for new coming product: the Microleasing.

Microleasing means leasing and acquiring production inputs to increase enhance employment possibilities for low-income individuals. Hereof, leasing offers the possibility to procure equipment, by that increasing income generation.

Our company is in constant growth and continuous evolution, therefore ours future goals are to continue to forge new partnerships from which to draw ideas and ideas to develop projects. To become a point of reference for our entrepreneurs: not only guaranteeing efficiency and speed in the process of micro-credit, but we would like to be recognized as a professional support aimed at entrepreneurial growth”, concluded Stefano Guerra.