SlimPay & SecuTix working together with Maison de la danse for a great customer experience

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SecuTix is a Global technology provider of a Ticketing Engagement Platform that helps organizations boost ticket sales and enhance audiences’ experience before, during and after live events. His product, SecuTix 360°, is a cloud-based platform that combines ticketing and marketing functionality and is offered as a white label SaaS. 

Among his clients, Maison de la danse, a very well-recognized organization in the artistic world committed to bring to the general public dance in all its forms and techniques.


Maison de la danse was facing some challenges: attracting new customers and new markets, targeting the younger audience: very sensitive about digital services, highly demanding about cost, simplicity, self-services and freedom. While keeping the good traction with existing subscribers.


Now, every single Maison de la Danse’s customer can easily subscribe to as many events as wanted and will only pay a single amount per month. No human operation is needed: It’s secure, simple, efficient and user friendly!

Customers love to be autonomous through their customer journey and being able to choose the way they want to pay is a real added value to their experience. Maison de la Danse is highly satisfied both in terms of decreasing manual operations and quality of services.

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