Subito Case Study: Digitising Processes to Increase Customer Conversion

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Founded in Milan in 2007, Subito is a digital company that offers users an online sales service in a simple, fast and safe way. Subito is part of the Adevinta Group, along with other market leaders such as Fotocasa, Leboncoin, InfoJobs and Argus.

Subito is a leader in the business world. It provides a complete solution for small and large companies from sectors such as automobile, real estate, construction and other services. Subito offers companies their own commercial space, increases the visibility of ads and promotes their clients business through national and local advertising campaigns. In 2019, more than 17,500 customers chose Subito as a partner for their business.

Subito’s challenge 

With more than 6 million online ads every day, and more than 1.5 million unique users a day, Subito needed to offer a direct and immediate subscription process. 

Accustomed to paper contracts, Subito had set a 2020 target to offer a more immediate and direct solution to its customers. The arrival of COVID-19 has undoubtedly accelerated digitisation.

”Now, more than ever, in a changing and uncertain environment like this, we must be prepared to respond to the needs of our customers with solutions that help us penetrate the market and build customer loyalty” – said Daniela de Marco, strategy and business development manager of Subito.

Subito wanted to offer customers new opportunities to grow their business through digital solutions (marketplace) and flexibility in payments. To do this, Subito had to address the complexities and technical customizations of the digitalisation process.

SlimPay solution: Digitalisation as the ultimate weapon 

SlimPay offers Subito a fully digitised payment and contract management solution. Thanks to SlimPay’s electronic signature module, which allows the digital signing of the SEPA mandate and contract, Subito was able to speed up the conversion time of new customers. At the time of subscription, customers sign both the contract and the SEPA mandate electronically. This makes the registration process faster and more agile.

Subito integrated SlimPay’s solution directly into its own CRM (Salesforce) to enable a simple, centralised management of contracts and payments.

Flexibility, availability and listening

“SlimPay has been a partner who has been especially willing to listen and exchange, offering us a flexible solution that was adapted to our needs” – said Flavio Caloni, Subito’s head of sales operations.

To continue digitisation, Subito is considering adding credit card transactions.