[Case Study] How to address consumer protection when doing subscriptions via call centers

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Selling subscriptions via call centers is quite sensitive, given the fact that merchants have to make sure that their new subscribers have access to certain elements before giving their consent. With the protection of customers in mind during this process, CNIL (the French authority for consumer data protection) recommends that subscribers have access to all documents before signing.

Subscriptions via call center are common in many sectors such as insurance, telecommunications and utilities. In order to allow a frictionless and CNIL-compliant subscription journey, SlimPay offers an electronic signature module.

Let’s take the media sector, which uses call centers for subscriptions, as an example. A major magazine, one of the top 5 in France, has chosen SlimPay to optimise the user experience for their subscription offer. 

The challenge: Improving the process of subscriptions via call centers

This magazine has a call center, prospecting new clients and offering subscriptions. In an effort to build trust with their clients, the magazine needed a solution that enabled them to establish a first contact by phone and to finalize the subscription online as a second step. It was also crucial to cut down the time spent by operators for each new subscription. 

SlimPay’s solution 

SlimPay’s electronic signature module can be used by operators in order to facilitate the subscription process. Operators start registering all necessary information over the phone and then generate a link (thanks to SlimPay API). The new subscriber receives this link in an email. With this link, the subscriber can find all necessary documents such as the contract, the terms and conditions as well as the SEPA mandate (which you need to sign to finalize the subscription). With just one signature, subscribers are able to process both the contract and the SEPA mandate.

Results obtained 

This solution substantially reduces time invested by operators on each new contract. The subscriber can finalize the subscription process autonomously online.

This solution also improves the overall customer experience because the subscriber now has access to all documents before signing. 

Finally, the magazine  is compliant with CNIL requirements and, therefore, reinforces the trust relationship with their subscribers.

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