[WEBINAR] Leverage Open Banking Payments to Grow Your Business – Discover SlimCollect

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Consumers today demand a seamless, secure and fast checkout. As a merchant, you must be able to efficiently collect payments from your customers. Open Banking brings innovation to payments, data, lending, investments and more. 

Perhaps you’ve heard of Open Banking in recent months. Although not an entirely new concept, it is a financial service that is becoming more mainstream outside financial circles. 

Open Banking is a standardised, regulated method for consumers to share access to their banking information. This allows licensed institutions (banks, financial institutions, third-party providers) to process consumer data and offer personalised services. Examples of these services include: budgeting, account aggregation, form filling, instant payments and more. 

Open Banking allows these various financial institutions to open up data to each other via application programming interfaces (APIs). Think of an API as a secure tunnel thro ugh which information is shared—between licensed players. 

Consumers must explicitly give consent to share their information. In turn, they have better control over their data and more choices in a competitive and innovative market of financial services. Learn more about Open Banking and how it can help your business—or watch our webinar!

SlimPay is on a mission to innovate and help merchants increase customer acquisition, collect payments and grow their businesses. We are pleased to announce the launch of our new solution, SlimCollect. It is the payment method best adapted to the needs of customers today. 

Join us to discover all that Open Banking has to offer, the various use cases being developed now and in the future, and the benefits it all can bring to your business. We will also present insights from consumers, who tested this new payment method during focus groups recently conducted for SlimPay.

What you’ll learn: 

  • Introduction to Open Banking and European regulations
  • Use cases that can adapt to your business
  • Benefits of SlimCollect for merchants and consumers
  • Results of focus groups on this payment method

Didn’t get a chance to watch the webinar? Click on the button below to access the replay.