Webinar – How to optimise your payment recovery process

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Recently last month, SlimPay hosted a webinar on a very hot topic for all merchants: the payment recovery of failed transactions, also called R-Transactions, for SEPA Direct Debit payments.
During the webinar, our experts shared some their observations on the trends from SlimPay’s customer base to better understand certain behaviors.
We also detailed some best practices to help merchants optimize their fight against failed payments.
Lastly, we presented two solutions that can help you alleviate the pain of R-Transactions on your revenues and and optimize your payment recovery.

  • SlimPay’s Automatic Retry solution allows merchants to automatically represent failed SEPA Direct Debit payments. This solution is customizable with a set of configurations that you can adapt to your specific needs (number of retries, IBAN country codes, day of the retry, etc.). An average of 26% of R-Transactions have been recovered thanks to Automatic Retry.
  • We also recently launched Card by Link, which allows merchants to use card payments as an alternative payment means to win back R-Transactions. This feature is in freemium mode until end of September. Test it now!

If you would like to watch the webinar, click below.

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