Europeans and the subscription model viewed from a payment perspective

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Subscription based payments

Subscription based commerce seems to have penetrated the daily life of European consumers. How far is the development of the subscription model in Europe and what is the potential in the different markets?

We conducted a Pan-European survey to understand the current consumer perspectives on, and awareness of, subscription and the payment methods associated with this new business model.

Payment is one step of this customer journey, but it may be considered as the most important one. Subscription-based payments are challenging: amongst the various online payment methods, which are best adapted to this revamped customer relationship implicating low touchpoints, increased duration and sustainability without friction?

Customer experience versus security; what are customers willing to do for frictionless experience? What is the impact of the subscription system on the payments? Discover the preferred payment methods and usages for recurring payments in Europe.

Differences and common trends are emerging, get insight into the current state of subscription based commerce and subscription based payments and take advantage of it!

Discover the results of SlimPay’s pan-European subscription study, conducted in collaboration with Innopay, a Dutch consultancy firm, among consumers in seven European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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