Seamlessly collect your SEPA Direct Debit payments

SEPA Direct Debit is one of the most easily adaptable payment means to collect subscription payments. SlimPay handles your payments each step of the way from enrollment, payment, activity to follow-up — allowing you to increase the lifetime value of your customers.


Enroll your customers

SlimPay facilitates the customer experience at the subscription step via:

  • A simple and user-friendly Checkout to finalise the subscription and increase your conversion rate
  • An e-signature module for SEPA mandates as well as documents and contracts
  • A multichannel journey for client acquisition: web, mobile, phone, email and in store
Control your revenue

Collect your payments

  • SlimPay supports all use cases: recurring payments, pay-as-you-go, one-off and installments
  • IBAN controls to secure your revenues
  • Keep control over your payments: frequency and amounts
  • Recover up to 30% of failed payments thanks to the Automatic Retry (average observed)


Track and monitor your activity

Thanks to SlimPay's Dashboard, you can easily monitor activity and have a clear overview:

  • Simply access all information about your transactions and subscribers
  • Follow your recurring payment status and refund your customers
  • Update customers' data
  • Make fund transfers to your bank account
  • Export reports on your SEPA Direct Debit transactions


In France, at the subscription level, all SEPA mandates are electronically signed through SlimPay — whether for individuals or professionals. EDF offers a 100% digitalised subscription journey.

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There are two types of electronic signatures: OTP (One Time Password) and Checkbox.


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As any other payment mean, SEPA Direct Debit can lead to a failed payment. SlimPay offers you the possibility to retry these R-Transactions manually or through the Automatic Retry.


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SlimPay has a Dashboard and a web API that you can use to follow-up and monitor your payments.


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