5 Reasons why you should partner with SlimPay

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Businesses are doing more than ever to provide the best user experience and be customer focused. We live in an era of tremendous complexity, where innovation and speed are continuing to challenge businesses. Being focused on what you are good at and not getting distracted seem like the key elements to staying on track. That is what we believe at SlimPay! While we are the experts in recurring payments, partnering with other businesses with complementary services enables us to take advantage of synergies!

We already count all kinds of partners: accounting, subscription management, CRMs, billing, payment service providers, etc.

Why should you partner with SlimPay?

1) Give your business a competitive edge 

Working in a partnership with a win-win intention can give your business the edge it needs to surpass your competitors. If you decide to continue working on your own, you run the risk of even slowing down your growth rate.

This means that, even when a request isn’t in your wheelhouse, you can still offer support by extension. By teaming up, you open the scope of what you can do for any given client.

2) Grow your customer base & expand your coverage

If you feel you’ve already targeted your audience and you want to access to new markets and customers, this might be a good reason to collaborate with SlimPay. As payment is a critical point for your clients, SlimPay can help you navigate the subscription economy business. Thanks to our flexible solution, we can offer the best combination of payments for each use case: e-mandates, SEPA direct debit and/or cards. 

3) Access to new services

You already have your own set of products, suppliers and systems, that’s clear. But if you need to complete your solution, by adding features, you may be able to enhance your product lines with minimal investment.

For example, in the fitness industry, when a gym club uses SlimPay through one of our partners, it can automate payments without having to integrate a new system – payments can be managed easily in one software, with the same tool it manages other areas of the business. Saving time, resources and improving efficiency. 

4) Reach new markets

In many cases, growing your business requires expanding into a new market. Take advantage of the presence and brand awareness of SlimPay within Europe to help you market your brand. They have already trusted us. 

5) Strength weaker aspects 

It’s clear that the benefits of partnerships are plentiful and diverse. A win-win partnership approach can strengthen the weaker aspects of your business, so you can grow and expand in a way that would have been impossible on your own.