How is your fitness club collecting the payments?

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The platform you use to collect payments should be a tool and not a burden.

And it should not make you feel like you are always waiting to get paid. As a fitness club business owner, you must find the right way of collecting recurring membership payments, that balances the need for speed and the demands of secure processing:

  1. SlimPay is an authorised payment solution regulated by banking authorities.
  2. SlimPay offers you the right payment mix to suit your needs: recurring payments or pay as you go; SEPA Direct Debit or card, or simply a combination of both.
  3. SlimPay makes the funds available for you just after the day of the execution to not slow down your cash flow.*
  4. SlimPay is integrated within the best fitness software solutions. You can ask us for recommendations!

Check out our infographic to know more about the fitness industry. 

*When SlimPay acts as the merchant bank account. Otherwise, the availability of the funds is up to the acquiring bank of the merchant.

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