Cinemas: Enhancing loyalty and customer experience with subscriptions

Published: 14 February 2020

Cinemas - How to adapt to new industry challenges - SlimPay

Movie-going in Europe is thriving and remains one of the most popular leisure activities across the region.  However, loyalty and customer experience are now a big challenge cinemas are facing.

However, new consumption needs have popped up thanks to the evolution of the internet,  omnichannel access to information (smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) and the rapid expansion of new distribution platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO, YouTube or Amazon. Indeed, the most impacted players of this trend are the traditional movie theaters.

That’s why European cinema operators’ continued investment in audience development initiatives and a slate of highly successful local films can be seen as the main drivers of this positive trend. France is one of the top-performing players in Europe in terms of attendance at cinemas.

At SlimPay, in collaboration with our partner Zuora, we work with the biggest references in French cinemas. 

The objective: loyalty 

The goal is to have loyal customers who go to the movies on a recurring basis.

How do the great French film companies reach this? Simply with a loyalty card that users can sign up for free through their website or in person at the cinema itself. 

The concept: Accumulate points to obtain discounts, special prices for events, VIP access, premium seats, etc.

Embracing a new business model: subscriptions

If the film industry wants to enhance loyalty and customer experience, it is necessary to innovate and build new tactics and new business models.

If we come back to the French market, for example, our clients have decided to bet on a subscription model. It allows you to secure revenue, and it offers a customer experience focused on cinema, in which payment becomes secondary, almost invisible.

How does the subscription model work?

Customers, through a monthly payment, can watch unlimited movies for a specific time period (usually one year). The cost includes the price of a setup fee, plus the monthly cost of the subscription. 

In addition, this model allows cinema-owners to customise their offer to customer profiles: subscription for youth and students, individual subscription and access for two people. 

In summary, the key is to offer a new product that enables customer retention:

  • Unlimited tickets,
  • discounts on popcorn and drinks,
  • tickets to special events,
  • flexible offer with a monthly or annual subscription.

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