[Market research] Zuora has the 411 on the Subscription Economy

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More companies and consumers are moving away from single purchases of digital and physical goods to subscription plans. It is already a reality!

Even more, the latest research by Zuora, subscription economy SaaS leader, highlights the fact that

“the Subscription Economy in Europe is clearly on the ascent, even surpassing US annual growth rate. Which is quite remarkable as the European economic growth rates overall have lagged behind North American growth rates for much of the past decade.”

We recommend taking a look at Zuora’s annual benchmark report Subscription Economy Index (SEI),  which reflects the subscription growth metrics of hundreds of companies around the world, and spans a number of industries including SaaS, IoT, media, telecommunications and corporate services.

Zuora and SlimPay were born to bring the subscription economy model to the next level by combining their services: Zuora with their subscription management software and SlimPay handling recurring payments — all in one single tool.

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