Why should you consider the combination of SDD and card for your business?

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SlimPay was pleased to announce the launch of its new solution to enrich its offer and become a unique payment partner for subscription based models. 

Let’s go more into new features details and go through benefits for merchants:

Merchants needs are not linked to a specific payment method. They want to reach customers by offering as many payment methods or payment combinations as possible.

Checkout, our embeddable payment form can display both Direct Debit and card payment on merchants’ website.

By providing a full-service solution, SlimPay acts as a bank and collects money on one single payment account on behalf of the merchant’s bank.


  • No intermediary
  • No delay
  • One Dashboard
  • One Payment Account

Doing Acquiring for Direct Debits and Card diversifies use cases

Non exhaustive examples of how this new feature can help merchants adapt payment-mix to their specific cases:

  1. As a merchant, you propose a pay-as-you-go car service: your customers can go through our Checkout, having their card tokenized. The card details are confirmed and registered, and you are free to charge your customers each time they used your services.
  2. As a merchant shipping expensive products, you want to be able to propose a first card payment and then propose a 3-months installment with SDD? You can easily set-up a combination of Direct Debits and Card payments.
  3. As a merchant, operating shared cars, you can offer card authorization to unlock the car for the first payment and then direct debits for the payments.

Proposing several payment methods is key to reduce churn and increase the conversion rate.

By providing merchants a lot of use cases by doing both Direct Debit and card payment, SlimPay acts as a mean to increase the conversion rate.

Monitoring many use cases through our responsive Checkout and managing payment plans through our brand new Dashboard from where you can modify your plans, the frequency and amount.

Payments for subscription have never been so easy!

Find out more information on our Help Center!