Deloitte Technology Fast 50: One year later

Published: 24 November 2016

Gagnant 2016

Congratulations to Horizontal Software, who has been crowned the winner of the 2016 edition of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, an award that recognises the fastest growing and most innovative technology companies.

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SlimPay was named the 2015 winner, thanks to a growth rate of more than 4000% over the four years since its creation. Here we look back on what being named as the fastest growing technology company in France changed for us.

Increased media visibility

RTL, France Inter, L’Usine Digitale, Challenges, Le Figaro, Journal du Net … we counted a total of 26 media spinoffs directly related to the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award. Beyond the figures, we have had access to major French media which, intrigued by our hyper-growth, became more interested in our sector.

Google searches for our company increased and our web traffic was heavily impacted, reaching a peak increase of 60% in the week following the event. And on social networks, the posts referring to SlimPay were multiplied by 10 the day after the award.

Increasing business opportunities

This visibility was accompanied by a sharp increase in business opportunities. A 15% increase in visits to our website, a 100% increase in inbound leads, …, all our metrics experienced significant spikes in the 3 months following the ceremony, enabling us to capitalise on the buzz generated.

A growing international reputation

This publicity has crossed the borders of France. Being part of the Technology Fast 50 (in France) automatically qualified us the for European Fast 500, where we were ranked 17th.

Enhanced employer brand

Over the past year our teams have doubled in size, as our recruitment needs have intensified. Several candidates, with varying profiles, discovered SlimPay thanks to the buzz generated from the Deloitte Technology Fast 50. In the 6 months following the award we received 2.5 times more applications in response to our job listings.

A reward for all employees

This award has generated great pride for our team. All our hard work has been recognised: + 4000%! Who would’ve believed that! As a small business everyone working here can feel proud, as everyone contributed to the success! Finally, this distinction is viewed as an encouragement to continue to strive for success and make direct debit payments even easier to integrate, more secure and smarter towards fraud, and more transparent in the customer journey.

The positive impact of this award was, and continues to be, very important for us, both in terms of visibility and reputation. If, like us a year ago, you are considering nominating yourself for future editions, don’t hesitate for a second!

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