PART II – An agile answer for a successful digitalization

Published: 1 August 2017

Digital transformation – more than a simple challenge, it is a perspective shift for companies!

Beyond new customers’ and distribution channels’ expectations, digitalization introduced new concepts such as BI, big data, mobile apps that are disrupting companies’ organization and employees’ businesses. Technology is increasing power and knowledge for its customers and it is necessary to give employees the tools to manage it.

Internal processes optimization

A recent survey in Germany showed that for 76% of companies in the energy sector, digitalization was a lever to optimize internal processes. New tools can collect and analyse data, digitalize documents or automatize some flux. Benefits are numerous: lower costs, faster workflows, more simple processes. Thanks to interconnectivity, it is also possible to integrate different solutions, offering companies duplicated powers. CRM, billing, emailing …. Digitalization is a synonym of optimization.

Getting a global vision of the digital transformation

Even if companies are satisfied with what the benefits of the digitalization have to offer, they are not all mature enough to start the transformation and implement a strategy.

Which needs should answer this transformation? This is the main question to ask in order to keep the right direction.

The answer to this question should be crystal clear and the road to this objective should be defined by a detailed strategy. It can impact the company DNA and culture. Project management, decision process, re-organization, or flexibility are key to adapt this new environment, especially when you are facing all these extremely agile start-ups, willing to take risks.

That is why having a global vision of this transformation is mandatory: this can be done step by step but all consequences must be taken into consideration to support each division in the transformation process.

Agile project management: a state of mind to acquire

“Agility”, has become very trendy in companies, it is above all a real state of mind. Many methods exist but they all have the same goal: productivity and engagement. Agile methods aim to manage projects step by step, simplify processes and focus on the most important: the customer.

The main idea is to dare trying a specific project and implement it over the short term, in a more global transformation. This will empower employees thanks to the customer-centric vision (and not only focused on KPIs), but also offers an immediate answer to the necessity to adapt  to a new environment. Spotify is a good example of an agile organization : few management, small groups and high level of autonomy are the key factors of performance, innovation and overall success of this start-up.

Entry points for digital transformation are numerous: innovation, acquisition of a start-up… It impacts the offer design, sales channel, and processes of the company. It is clearly a new vision with many advantages: lower costs, strong customer relationship, more simple and faster processes.

Key for success is to be supported by the right skills and tools to achieve this transformation and get benefits on the long run. Let’s start before competition overtakes you!

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