SlimPay launches a new Help Center

Published: 14 March 2019

SlimPay launches Help Center

Importance of clients’ access to information

According to a Zendesk survey, 81% of users try to find answers to their questions themselves before contacting support.

Given the high demand for autonomy, SlimPay created the Help Center to answer our clients’ operational or technical issues. The SlimPay Help Center also serves as a knowledge base for topics on the subscription economy and payment methods.

Help Center benefits

At SlimPay, we value your satisfaction. That’s why our Help Center is ready to quickly assist you with any question — whether functional, technical or operational.

We also have video tutorials to make easier to get your questions answered, like if you’re wondering how to perform an operation on our Dashboard.

To better support you, we have integrated an effective search bar. Simply type one or more keywords into the search bar to find a list of related articles that we hope will be useful. Easy!

Lastly, our Help Center is available in other languages: French, Spanish and Italian.

Different sections to address your specific needs

Each Help Center section has been organised to answer your requests, depending on the type of question and your profile.

Are you part of the product, marketing or management team? The Functional section is dedicated to you. You can find general information on the supported payment schemes and their context. A general description of our features is also available.

Are you part of operations, customer service or finance team? The Operational section is for you. You will find key information for optimal supervision. Tutorial videos are available to help you step by step, depending on the different type of scenario.

Check our YouTube Playlist – for a quick overview of the SlimPay Help Center organization on how to navigate and find information.

Are you a partner of SlimPay? Or would like to become one? The answers to your questions can be found in the Partners section.

Are you a technical director, developer or test analyst? Our API documentation section will accompany you each step of the way.


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