SUBSCRIBED 2019 – Meet SlimPay and Zuora in Paris, Milan & Munich

Published: 23 September 2019

Meet SlimPay at Zuora Subscribed 2019

Once again, SlimPay will be joining Zuora Subscribed in their annual roadshow across Europe! Come and meet SlimPay and Zuora at Subscribed 2019 in the following countries:

4 reasons to come and meet us

You might have seen the success stories from companies who have successfully implemented  the subscription business model. However, implementing subscriptions is complex. There are multiple factors to consider, from choosing the software, CRM, data management, payment provider to reporting. Confused? We can help you in person! That’s why you should pass by our stand! We will be there to support you with answers.

1. Connect with experts in the subscription economy 

As CEO and founder of Zuora Tien Tzuo said: “The subscription economy is driving the most disruptive business model transformation of our time which is leading to an end of ownership and the rise of usership.”

And there is no doubt that this is already happening around the globe. Uber, Netflix, Spotify are some of the names leading this race. If you have a business and want to embrace the subscription business model, this is the place to connect with experts, share strategies and build relationships.

2. SlimPay and Zuora, your partners to conquer the EU market

SlimPay is integrated within Zuora management system. Thanks to this you will have all you need to run your business just in one place. SlimPay is the European leader in recurring payments, your one-stop solution for all payment needs. We offer a user-friendly Checkout front-end to help with customer enrollment while also helping merchants in their payment collection through SEPA Direct Debit and card payments. It’s important to offer the right payment mix to address the specific needs.

3. Expertise and common clients 

SlimPay and Zuora strong value proposition has helped us win some of the biggest names in France, such as SNCF, Pathé Gaumont and Vidal.We will be sharing our experiences at the booth. So come be our next success story!

4. Zuora Subscribed 2019, it is free!

In case you are still considering, just know that you can register for free: Paris, Munich or Milan.

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