Legal notice

Restricted activities 

This provision has been updated on April 15, 2020 and is applicable to all users of the SlimPay service.

Merchant, Partner or any other party in agreement with SlimPay agree and undertake to not to use the SlimPay service in any manner whatsoever which constitute a violation of any law or regulation or which may cause SlimPay to be subject to any investigation, prosecution or legal action or for any type of business which in the opinion of SlimPay, Card Association Schemes or Payment Method suppliers/banks is unacceptable.

A restricted activity, in the opinion of SlimPay:

  • 01. Is an unlawful activity
  • 02. Breaches applicable local, national or international regulation
  • 03. Could reasonably be considered harmful, false, misleading, unlawful, obscene, defamatory, libellous, threatening, harassing, hateful
  • 04. Promotes discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age
  • 05. Promotes violence, illegal drugs or any other illegal activity
  • 06. Infringes any third party’s intellectual property or other proprietary rights under any jurisdiction
  • 07. Supports pyramid or Ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other ‘get rich quick’ schemes or certain multi-level marketing programs
  • 08. Is related to drugs or drugs paraphernalia trading
  • 09. Promotes or is related to weapons trading
  • 10. Provides clairvoyance services
  • 11. Provides monthly subscription newsletter
  • 12. Provides cryptocurrency et and domestic currency 

In addition, restricted activities include the following, unless otherwise agreed in a specific agreement with SlimPay:

  • 13. Gambling (only if collection)
  • 14. Adult service (only if collection)
  • 15. Low cost operator of fix telephony
  • 16. Fitness centres
  • 17. Prepaid card service
  • 18. Payment service provision (collecting on behalf of)
  • 19. Electronic money operator (distribution or management)
  • 20. Insurance (including insurance intermediation)
  • 21. Factoring
  • 22. Investment banking, savings and loans
  • 23. Crowd funding (depending on the country of operation)
  • 24. Marketplaces
  • 25. Accountants (paying on behalf of)
  • 26. Unsolicited telephone sale
  • 27. Donations services
  • 28. Real estate agency
  • 29. Consulting services
  • 30. Trainings
  • 31. Publishing of journals and periodicals
  • 32. Beauty centers
  • 33. Energy provider

Merchants exercising activities that require a licence or an authorisation from any third party, unless an exemption from licence or authorisation is duly granted, shall provide one of these documents.

ACPR Authorisation

SlimPay is a payment institution with the Bank Code (CIB) n°16348 V, delivered by the ACPR.

Website property

The website has been developed and is maintained by SlimPay SA, a company with a capital of 859.494 euros, registered in Paris under number 518991336, having its head office at 12 rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009 Paris, represented by Jérôme Traisnel, CEO. 

Web hosting

Amazon Web Services Inc, 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle WA 98109-5210

All materials (graphics, icons, HTML, javascripts, color schemes, multimedia, logos, photographs, copy writing, et al) that appear at this website are the property of SlimPay and Copyrighted by same. Other materials at this site not originally produced by us (some audio, video, trademarks) are Copyrighted by their respective creators/owners and appear here either by permission, example or as public domain reference material.

Gender Equality Index

In accordance with decree n° 2019-15 of January 8, 2019, after calculating the index according to the reference period selected, from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022, SlimPay obtains a total of 96 points out of 100 (75 points being the minimum required).

Procedures: customer claim handling

I- Receipt of the claim

A complaint is a declaration by a SlimPay customer stating his dissatisfaction with the SlimPay company. A request for information, advice, clarification or service is not a claim.

Claims should be addressed to the Legal & Compliance team in charge of claims within SlimPay. 

A claim can only take one of the following two forms: 

  • A written letter, to the following address:

        SLIMPAY SA

        Claim to the attention of the Legal & Compliance Team

        12, rue Godot de Mauroy

        75009 Paris

  • An email to the following address: and specify the term “Claim(s)” in the subject line of the email. 

Upon receipt of the customer claim, the Legal & Compliance team will notify the account manager and the company’s General Management. 

The Legal & Compliance team keeps a copy of the claim. 

II- Registration of the claim

A claims register is kept to list all claims addressed to SlimPay. The elements included in this register are as follows: : 

  • Claim number
  • Date of claim
  • Name of Client/Social Season
  • Customer account concerned
  • Description
  • Actions
  • Resolution
  • Date of reply to client

In the event that the claim is deemed incomplete, a request for additional information will be sent to the client in order to process the file.  

Each cliam is the subject of a separate file in which the following elements are included:

  • the client’s written claim, 
  • the actions and solutions to this claim,
  • a copy of the reply to the client

A survey is conducted to gather all the information necessary to study and respond to this claim. 

III- Processing the claim and response to the client

The manager of the account concerned shall acknowledge receipt of the claim to the client within a maximum of 10 working days from receipt of the claim and prepare the response to be sent to him. 

The draft reply is submitted to the account manager and the company’s General Management. 

Once validated, the reply is sent to the client within a maximum of two months after receipt of the claim and a copy indicating the date of sending the letter is recorded in the claims register. 

SlimPay undertakes to respond to the customer’s requests for information on the progress of the processing of his complaint, particularly in the event of the occurrence of special circumstances that would make it impossible to meet the deadlines to which the company has committed itself. 

In the event of rejection or refusal to grant the claim in whole or in part, customers will be informed in the reply provided of the possible means of recourse, outside the usual legal channels. 

IV- Follow-up and control of the processing of claims

Claims are chronologically monitored by the Legal & Compliance team in order to detect any delay in processing and take the necessary measures. 

SlimPay has a compliance and internal control system to ensure the quality of claims processing and to control risks.
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