Digitalising and modernising temporary work for SMEs

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Small companies often encounter difficulties in finding the right skills: lack of time, complex administrative management, or lack of visibility partly explain this situation. Faced with these problems, the bosses of SMEs still have too little recourse to the interim to accompany them in their activity. Yet solutions exist!

Facilitating access to temporary work for small structures thanks to Randstad Direct  

Thus, in 2016,  Randstad has launched Randstad Direct,  the first interim service for SMEs 100% digital. Its aim? To facilitate and digitalise all the steps of temporary workers recruitment. Whether it’s an unforeseen situation, a need for support for a specific skill or a peak of activity, this 100% online service provides a simpler and more flexible model to meet the recurring needs of small businesses. And this  is a 24h / 24 and 7/7 service.

Big Data serving the temporary work

Thanks to its matching engine based on Big Data technology, the platform allows a company, regardless its activity or sector, to easily and rapidly recruit a temporary employee online.

From the qualification of the need to the payment through the selection of temporary workers, the solution makes all the stages of the recruitment possible, in autonomy. A 100% digital customer experience achieved through a simplified, transparent and flexible model for small structures.

Digitalising direct debit to relieve SMEs

To simplify the user experience of its clients, Randstad turned to SlimPay for its payment solution by bank account offering the possibility to sign a SEPA mandate online. Direct debit is a payment method valued by both creditors and debtors.  

Today, Randstad Direct offers on its website different payment methods depending on use case.

Direct debit can be used as the main payment method or in addition to the Card payment. Depending on the cases, both payment means can be combined in the right payment mix

Results: Payments are secured, payment deadlines have been reduced and the entire process of paying bills has been streamlined.

Automatic Direct Debits support growth issues

In the end, the payment method represents a way to respond to business issues. Thanks to SlimPay’s Direct Debit solution, Randstad Direct has increased the average order basket as there is no credit card limit anymore.

“Modern, secure, digitized, the collection is proving to be a key element in the subscription tunnel to offer our customers a fluid and easy-to-use service. It fits perfectly into Randstad Direct’s promise of 100% digital and transparent recruitment. SMEs are now more inclined to resort to interim to support them in their business, ” explains Kaëlig Sadaune, General Manager at Randstad Direct.