Copernico optimises its financial process: moving from a traditional solution to a FinTech player

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About Copernico

Created in 2015, COPERNICO aims to offer innovative spaces dedicated to smart-working. This italian based platform provides spaces and services that generate growth for companies and wellbeing for people through a new concept of workplace supporting the continuous development of professional opportunities. Smart-working is emerging and developing all over the world with growth rates of around 250% year over year to respond to changes in the socio-economic scenario in progress.  

Automating payment process to keep up with the development of the business

Today, COPERNICO Holding is present in Italy with over 620 offices, hosting almost 700 companies and 2400 professionals that use its spaces to work, meet and cooperate daily.

With this great success of the smart working space concept, COPERNICO has registered a huge increase of spaces management over the years which brought them to include additional services different from the traditional physical rent of offices. Managing this internal management expansion highlighted the necessity to better organise the financial aspects that led to the decision to automate the payment process.

Initially we started working with our Bank but with the increase of volumes we encountered some inefficiency and to scale-up we needed a different payment partner, less traditional and more business-friendly with users”.  – Simone Oldani, Credit Manager Copernico

Indeed, the FinTech SlimPay provides a solution that simplify the management of recurring payments by automating the process using a SaaS solution and API integration.

As a payment Institution, SlimPay manages the signature of mandates, but also processes and executes the direct debit transactions on Copernico’s behalf.  

Copernico monitors and follows everything from the Dashboard, and through the API this process has been completely automated.

By automating and easing the payment process, Copernico decreased all its monitoring, registration and recovery action activities related to bank transfer. Having optimised its financial process helped Copernico to save time and now it can focus on his core business: managing a huge number of offices, companies and making sure the process is always on the top of the rock.

Especially thanks to Direct Debit, Copernico has the control over the payment procedure, guaranteeing a transparent and efficient relationship between clients and suppliers.

Managing payments in reasonable time-frames allow us to maximize the potential of our network and undertake initiatives to improve the experience in COPERNICO” – Simone Oldani, Credit Manager Copernico

Copernico, already present in Belgium, crosses borders with its future European expansion, with SlimPay’ support on its expansion by managing its European payments.