Paga+Tarde, the success story in online consumer credit

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Pagantis was founded in 2011 with the goal of becoming the alternative to traditional banking. With its solution Paga+Tarde and the disruptive approach to online consumer credit, Pagantis offers instant lending approval to e-commerce without any paperwork.

Discover how SlimPay is helping Paga+Tarde to grow its business and to improve the customer experience.

Paga+Tarde: Digital consumer credit in Spain

Since its launch, Paga+Tarde has offered more than 500 million euros in consumer credit in Spain. A sustained growth has been reinforced by a large number of new users and a very high level of recurrence. These figures have positioned Paga+Tarde among the main leaders in consumer finance in Spain. They are also supporting their expansion plans to Southern Europe.

Paga+Tarde’s added value relies on the user experience and technology of its interface. It is capable of performing a 100% online risk assessment and instant consumer credit approval thanks to its scoring algorithm. Some challenges, however, included simplifying the work of customer support and optimizing the user journey.

After a first piloting phase, Paga+Tarde decided to integrate SlimPay’s solution this year. SlimPay’s Checkout allowed them to process payments via SEPA direct debits in a simple way and offering an optimal user experience thanks to its electronic signature module

“SlimPay has contributed to the user experience of our solution by offering a frictionless service. SlimPay is improving the customer flow by giving autonomy to the user and automating processes, previously done manually by the Customer Support team,” says Pagantis. 

“We want to keep growing our business with our merchants and partners. With a clear objective on growing internationally, we found in SlimPay the best partner for Paga+Tarde. On top of our positioning in Spain, they will accompany us in other markets, such as Italy and France. SlimPay already has a proven experience there.”

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