Webinar: Strategies for a Customer Success team in a post-COVID-19 world

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Unprecedented times calls for unprecedented measures, especially for Customer Success teams around the world. In our recent webinar, we uncovered how SlimPay’s Customer Success team navigated through these challenges and explored how these experiences can inform and shape the future of customer support.

Here are the top three key takeaways from our in-depth conversation with VP Customer Success Nandi Dossou:

Takeaway #1: Document every process

One day, you’re in the office. And the next, you’re working from home for the unforeseeable future. For SlimPay’s Customer Success team, the shift to remote work was made simpler thanks to their thoroughness in documentation. When the team sits together in the office, reactivity is key in handling customer issues but they were able to maintain that interaction seamlessly thanks to rigorous knowledge management and retention from solution onboarding to client conversation.

Takeaway #2: Scale, scale, scale

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to scaling. Is your Customer Success team answering the same questions from different clients? Customer interaction is important, but so is autonomy. Encourage the team to optimise their Help Center and Dev Center to centralise all communications so clients can easily find the resources they need. It’s great to design processes, but sometimes processes can be too specific and weigh you down. That is why designing things with that growth vision is important if you want to accelerate.

Takeaway #3: Enable the Customer Success team

This capability to make sure everyone is a specialist on the team is crucial, especially during high-pressure situations where you might have someone who is off or sick. Who can handle the topic with the same diligence and expertise? We should enable people to be multifaceted in their roles and be able to pitch in where needed. But that takes purposeful enablement and proper training for all customer support agents. 

The discussion didn’t end there. We also discussed churn prevention, Customer Success value add and building a delightful customer experience.

Check out the full conversation below: