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Published: 2 November 2016

Zuora Subscribed 2016

Subscribed Paris is taking place on the 18th November in, yes you guessed it, Paris! SlimPay is the gold partner of the event, keep reading to discover our motivations for attending, and what you can expect from this year’s edition.

THE event for subscription success

The free to attend event (register here), organised by Zuora, Subscription Paris, is one of a series of conferences around the globe with one aim: to help businesses succeed in the subscription economy. For several years now there has been a massive shift in the way we – as both consumers and businesses – want to buy. The convenience and flexibility of subscribing, renting or sharing services through pay-per-use models is far more appealing than buying products outright. This shift has been coined “Subscription Economy”, and is growing more every day. For example, an estimated 68 million people now paying a music subscription worldwide, as opposed to paying out right for music. Furthermore, visits to subscription box sites have grown 3000% in the past 3 years in the US.

Embrace Subscription Economy, while we take care of your payments

SlimPay developed its direct debit payment solution after analysing the potential of subscription commerce. Payment is key to running a subscription business, thus, it was vital for us to attend Subscribed Paris. Subscription economy requires businesses to re-think their payment procedures and propose consumers payment methods that are adapted to recurring subscription payments. Call by our stand at Subscribed and discover why direct debit is the ideal payment method for subscriptions and recurring payments (clues: it avoids all the problems associated with bank card that can lead to cancelled subscriptions and lost revenue – expiry dates, fraud, payment platforms, etc). Our solution goes much further than just processing subscription payments, meet us at Subscribed to discover how we can:

  • Increase your customer lifetime value
  • Provide your customers with a frictionless onboarding experience
  • Reduced your failed subscription payments
  • Help you take your business cross-border

In addition to exhibiting, our CEO and co-founder, Jerome Traisnel, will participate in a panel discussion best practices for monetising subscriptions.

Combining technical expertise

It is also worth noting that earlier this year SlimPay and Zuora announced a technical partnership that aims to increase functional scope of Zuora’s subscription platform by integrating SlimPay’s innovate payment management services.

The event is free to attend, so don’t hesitate to sign up and call by our stand to discover how you can embrace subscription economy, while we take care of your payments.

Register now

If you want to make an appointment to see us at a specific time, please get in touch! If not, see you at our stand!

Psssst, want to find out more about consumer’s perspectives and adoption of subscription? Download our whitepaper “Europeans and the subscription model viewed from a payment perspective”!

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