Whitepaper les européens et l'économie de l'abonnement

Europeans and the subscription model viewed from a payment perspective

25 May 2016

Payments providers – SlimPay unveils Checkout feature to convert prospects…

17 May 2016


SlimPay Life: Sami Bouzenad, Solution Expert

28 April 2016

SlimPay signs partnership with subscription giant Zuora and opens first…

20 April 2016

Make Sure You’re Ready for the Imminent Bacs Internet Security…

7 April 2016

whitepaper subscription model

NEW Whitepaper: Europeans and the subscription model viewed from a…

5 April 2016

dsp2 regulation

PSD2: A new chapter in the payments market

31 March 2016

Introducing SlimPay One, a new offer dedicated to startups!

23 March 2016

5KPIs subscription business

New Website Launch Announcement

7 March 2016

SlimPay named as one of top ten Emerging Stars in…

11 February 2016