SlimPay launches Help Center

SlimPay launches a new Help Center

14 March 2019


Electronic signature: find the right balance between authentication and user…

4 October 2018

Digitization of the subscription and payment process of customers to increase your activity performances

Insurance: subscription & payment process digitalisation to increase performance

18 September 2018

Card Acquiring

SlimPay extends its product offer with card acquiring

19 April 2018


Why should you consider the combination of SDD and card…

19 April 2018

4 Preconceived ideas about Direct Debit

4 Preconceived ideas about Direct Debit

20 March 2018

5 Things to know about SEPA Direct Debit B2B

19 December 2017

SEPA Rulebook 2017 – What has changed?

19 November 2017

Integration billwerk & SlimPay

SlimPay partners with European Subscription SaaS specialist billwerk

23 June 2017

AcceptEmail SlimPay integration

Digital billing and recurring payment management with AcceptEmail

29 November 2016