SlimPay extends its product offer with card acquiring

Published: 19 April 2018

Card Acquiring

SlimPay provides a full service (processing & acquiring) for both card & direct debit.

SlimPay makes multiple payment mix possibilities available to merchants managing recurring payments.

SlimPay’s card payment offer : an added value to manage merchants payments

To maximize conversion rate and payment success rate for subscription based models, SlimPay is focusing on making payments for subscription slimpler for merchants, irrespectively to the underlying payment method.

SlimPay SEPA Direct Debit solution helps merchants of all size to optimize subscription process and to simplify daily management of direct debit payments.

SlimPay’s card payments offer, that includes now acquiring capability, has been built as a complement to Direct Debit.  By providing a full service card solution, SlimPay enables merchants to:

  • choose the more adaptable and flexible payment-mix (add on SDD)
  • focus on their business while SlimPay takes care of each step of the payment process:
    • SlimPay provides the merchants with a Responsive Checkout page
    • SlimPay encrypts merchants’ sensitive data
    • SlimPay processes and collects the transactions on the merchant’s behalf

“We were offering card processing for years. Listening to the field and our customers, made developing the acquiring add-on capability, a natural choice. This will help merchants tailor the right payment mix for their subscription based model and make payments for subscription even simpler. “ Jérôme Traisnel, CEO, SlimPay

SEPA Direct Debit & Card payment : the first one-stop-shop payment service for recurring payments

SlimPay provides a full payment service (processing & acquiring) for both card & direct debit. As some cases request multiple payment methods, SlimPay becomes the unique payment partner when it comes to address recurring business model thanks to its easy to integrate API and its unique merchant account that allows to manage and monitor activity via a user friendly Dashboard.

The right payment mix for your Subscription-based models

This powerful combination of SEPA Direct Debits & Cards payments through one single dynamic front-end (Checkout) and one single reporting tool (Dashboard) thanks to SlimPay’s API, will provide merchants with the most suitable payment mix for subscription commerce. Indeed, some businesses may request flexibility in the way they collect money along the customer lifetime cycle, in order to optimize its lifetime value and decrease churn rate.


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