Towards efficiency in the energy sector

Published: 19 March 2020

Towards efficiency in the energy sector

SlimPay is the leading company in recurring payments, we partner with several clients in the energy sector such OVO Energy, Plüm Energie, GreenYellow or EDF. Our expertise is helping those companies increase efficiency, reduce payment frictions, automate processes, and save costs and time in administrative tasks.

“The more payment methods you offer, the greater your conversion will be.”

Many times when we talk to potential clients they tell us that they want to offer more payment methods, they tend to use two or three payment gateways, one for SEPA direct debits, another to receive payments via card and a wallet solution (PayPal type) . This creates an extra complication when managing charges, subscriptions and potential rejections.

Collecting payments shouldn’t be a hassle! Maximize your payment collection offering the right payment mix: your customers will be able to pay their electricity, water, electricity or gas bill through direct debits, card or by combining both; for example a first payment with card and the rest via direct debit on a monthly basis. The most important thing is to be flexible and suit your customer needs which will result in an optimal shopping experience.

“Digital Transformation is driving customer experience”

Digital Transformation is changing the habits and behavior of users in all aspects: when hiring their energy provider, when checking their bills online, managing their charges or analyzing the evolution of their energy consumption, among others aspects.

Gone are those times when it was necessary to go to the agency to sign the paper contract and to provide your bank account number. We are in the paperless era! Another way to be economically efficient and responsible with the environment. SlimPay’s solution will allow you to offer in a single flow both the signing of the contract and the direct debit or card payment.

“ A high percentage of companies of the energy sector claim to have suffered significant default” 

Indeed, defaults represent a big problem for companies, especially for small businesses. As for the main causes of this late payment, we find: insufficient funds in the debtor’s account and poor payment management. SlimPay, as a payment gateway and banking institution, offers you the possibility of automating the recovery retry via direct debits or through a card (done manually) to expand your possibilities when it comes to getting paid.

“What is paperwork processing and storage costing your business? ”

Paperwork issues are  encountered in many businesses: from waste of office space, lost time and employee cost, to paperwork storage cost or misplaced documents among others. In this particular case, digital transformation is a real revolution for the electricity sector and companies are already working on using technology to provide an optimal shopping experience and save internal costs. 

Offering a solution such as SlimPay can help the energy sector reduce paperwork and be more efficient, thanks to SlimPay ́s Checkout, customers can provide their consent for future payments, sign the mandate and make the first payment. All through one single tool, centralizing all the data in a single Dashboard.

“Integrating payment options that add value to the shopping experience is essential for an ecommerce.”

It is not hard to find payment gateways that adapt to your business, there are many suppliers in the market, but it is important to take into account some details, such as integration. Having all necessary information about the difficulty of integrating it and the necessary resources is helpful to take a decision. SlimPay provides all information about your API technology free of charge and open to everyone. On top, our technical team can help you in case you have doubts.

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