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5 Fintech and Payment Trends to Follow in 2017

5 January 2017

Livre Blanc : Histoire de l'abonnement

What will the new SEPA Direct Debit CORE timeline change…

16 November 2016


How to run a successful subscription business

8 November 2016

Zuora Subscribed 2016

Meet SlimPay at Subscribed Paris – THE event for subscription…

2 November 2016

What will eIDAS change for the electronic signing of SEPA mandates?

What will eIDAS change for the electronic signing of SEPA…

25 October 2016


U.S. Merchants: Stop Leaving Money on the Table in Europe

21 October 2016

biometric payment

Biometrics: The future of payment authentication?

11 October 2016

Millenials Expectations

How to meet millenials’ payment expectations

6 October 2016

SlimQuiz: The results of SlimPay’s Payment and Subscription Quiz

22 September 2016

SlimPay Developer Tech

7 Characteristics That Make an Excellent Developer!

20 September 2016

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