sepa 101: adeudos directos SEPA

SEPA 101: What is SEPA?

27 October 2015

sepa 101: adeudos directos SEPA

SEPA 101: SEPA Direct Debit flow and timeline

11 October 2015

A fifth P in the marketing mix?

8 October 2015

cooperation fintech

The new way of working?

10 August 2015

We just raised €15M. What’s next?

7 July 2015

SlimPay is proud to be a founding member of France…

23 June 2015

Recruitment slimpay

SlimPay’s European Business Development team is expanding

22 June 2015

Brussels, Munich and Las Vegas: SlimPay on the road!

22 April 2015

Recruitment slimpay

Three new team members to fire SlimPay’s growth

21 April 2015

Is invisible payment the secret ingredient for customer engagement?

29 January 2015

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